The Basics

My name is Will Doenlen. I'm an artist and software engineer living in San Francisco.

As an artist, much of what I do explores the absurdity of living in the context of an inevitable death. I'm frequently drawn to the ways that we use symbols to create meaning in our lives and how they break down. I make art with a variety of media, including (but not limited to!) software, poetry, pastels and food.

As an engineer, I focus on web technologies, creative coding and the blockchain. (Sometimes all at once!) I geek out about privacy and security, too.

As an artist and engineer, I'm interested in how we can use technology to inform and transform the human experience.

My work has appeared in Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, NPR and Time among other media outlets. If I look unexpectedly familiar you might know me from the hamster wheel standing desk.

A Little More...

I grew up in Pensacola, Florida. I studied at MIT and spent a year in China after I graduated. I had a brief stint as a graduate student at UC Berkeley but quickly dropped out. I've been living in San Francisco and working in tech ever since.

I love to read. I'll happily dig into any subject that broadens my understanding of reality. I take especial interest in psychology, anthropology and history.

I'm a big foreign language nerd. I speak Spanish, French and Chinese reasonably well and speak bits and pieces of many other languages.

I meditate regularly and find a lot of value in Zen Buddhist teachings, though I don't consider myself religious.

My last name is pronounced dŏnlĕn.