“Change” is a computer-generated poem that crosses a psychedelic model of consciousness with a book on business change management. The original algorithm, created by Max Hawkins, does a random walk in eight dimensions that map to Timothy Leary’s eight-circuit model of consciousness. I updated the algorithm to further map each circuit to the eight steps to leading organizational change as described in John Kotter’s book Leading Change.

Written July 1, 2016.


It is 12:14 AM.

The change effort appears through a mirror, darkly.

You are coming to terms with the change vision.

It is 02:12 AM.

You see nobody but yourself, and not even then.

It is 05:07 AM.

You refuse to lay the foundation.

You are assuming that they just "get it"

You are counting your chickens before they hatch.

It is 05:27 AM.

You are a nihilist.

What does winning even mean?

It is 06:50 AM.

You are creating a vision to help direct the change effort.

You are developing strategies to achieve that vision.

It is 08:26 AM.

You are getting rid of obstacles.

You are empowering broad-based action.

It is 11:02 AM.

You are getting the group to work together like a team.

It is 12:14 PM.

You are changing systems or structures that undermine the change vision.

It is 01:59 PM.

You are encouraging risk taking and nontraditional ideas, activities and actions.

You are developing a vision and strategy.

It is 03:32 PM.

You are hiring, promoting, and developing people who can implement the change vision.

It is 05:20 PM.

You are reinvigorating the process with new projects, themes and change agents.

You are using increased credibility to change all systems, structures and politics that don't fit together and don't fit the transformation vision.

It is 06:03 PM.

You are putting together a group with enough power to lead the change.

It is 06:37 PM.

You are creating the guiding coalition.

It is 07:04 PM.

You are consolidating gains and producing more change.

It is 07:48 PM.

You are establishing a sense of urgency.

You are examining the market.

It is 08:34 PM.

You are too nervous to speak.

You are doing whatever the fuck you want.

It is 11:07 PM.

You approach the podium in cold sweat.

Leanne Luce