Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

The Hamster Wheel Standing Desk is the next step in office ergonomics. Both an exercise tool and a productivity booster, the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk ensures that you break a sweat while running the rat race. The project went super viral when we published it in 2014 and resulted in wide media coverage and even appearances on a few daytime television shows. The plans for the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk are open source and can be found on Instructables.

Credits: This project was a collaboration at Pier 9 with Artist-in-Residence Robb Godshaw. Thanks to Vanessa Sigurdson, Gabe Patin, Oliver Kreitman, and Bilal Ghalib.

will doenlen using the hamster wheel standing desk

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk, 2014

Water-jet Wood, 8 x 8'

hamster wheel standing desk on the queen latifah show
video still from media "the doctors" daytime TV show

media Appearances

The Queen Latifah Show

The Doctors

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